Windscreen Chip Repair costs need not be expensive. Our Windscreen Repair Experts can visit you at your home or office at a time to suit you.

Chip Repair

From £84

Chips caused by stones or road debris when left unrepaired lead to cracks and increase the chance of an MOT failure. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT

Line Crack Repair

From £120

Line Cracks up to a credit card size ( DO NOT CALL FOR LONGER CRACKS ) can increase the chance of an MOT failure. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT

Scratch Repair

From £120

Scratches caused by windscreen wipers or vandalism can affect driver visibility and the future resale value of your vehicle. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT

Additional Charges

  • additional chips on the screen in the same visit +£24
  • drying out water from the chip £12
  • surcharge for re-repairing another companies mess +£24
  • £60 Admiral, Direct Line, UK Ins Group. Booked for predefined monthly scheduled insurance repairs.
  • working at height (coaches, 4×4 cars and vans). +£12
  • Windscreens with Camera safety Systems installed (typically late Prestige cars, Volvo, Mazda, Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, Tesla). +£24
  • + £48/hour for any unnecessary waiting caused by waiting for order numbers, keyholders, keys, authority/authorisation documents or attending company safety sessions or briefings or any health compliance.
  • + £60 for call outs that are unrepairable due to incorrectly described damage. Particularly previously repaired chips regardless of whether the customer knew whether they were previously repaired or not.

Out of Hours Charges

Work outside of normal office hours (summer evenings) and at weekends. These carry increased windscreen repair costs. If you would like us to work these hours then there are additional surcharges for doing so.

  • + £24 for working at the weekend (between 9 am and 5pm).
  • + £24 working outside standard office hours (9 am – 5 pm).
  • + £24 for working outside standard office hours at the weekend (outside 9 am – 5pm on Saturday or Sunday).
  • +£24 for driving in Congestion Charge & 20mph zones
The Glass Doctors Guarantee

Glass Doctors guarantee that your repair will not crack within 1 year of when we repair it for you, provided it is under 20 mm diameter and no one else has tried to repair it before us.

So there is no call out charge unless you mis-describe the damage tp your windscreen. We will need to ask you about your windscreen damage when you make your booking to ensure that the damage is repairable in the time and cost quoted.

The easiest way to do this is via our contact form, if possible you should upload a photo of the damage for us to inspect. When uploading your photo please ensure that the damage is easy to see and that you have a coin or tape measure in shot.

Glass Doctors do not waste our time or your money. Glass Doctors take Cash, Cheque, Credt and Debit Cards via our Square machine, (but we will need a mobile phone signal.)


Put your finger or coin next to the damage so that the camera focuses on the chip, so we don’t just get a picture of your dashboard.

What our customers are saying...

Very happy with the repair, after 2 failed appointments with *********. I’d recommend Glass Doctors for a repair"


"You are incredible! Thank you SO much"

Miss Z.F.

"Professional and friendly approach, it was a superb service all round. Highly recommended."

Mr S.M.

"First Class Service! I now know who to call the next time I need a quality repair undertaking."

Mr J.S.

"He was with me by the next morning and did an amazing job. Fast, friendly and reliable service with great results. Couldn’t ask for much more, thanks."

Mr G.B.