The ADAS Camera Screen revolution has shockingly doubled the price of windscreens in the last 4 years

Many new Cars Since 2016 like Volvo, Mazda, Honda and Ford have advanced safety ADAS camera screen features integrated into their front windscreens like “City Safety” which calculates the distance to the car in front and also applies the brakes if a collision is imminent.

When you consider that even a 2014 Mazda CX-5 windscreen is about £750 then you will get some idea of how much the ADAS Camera Screen issue is costing motorists today.

These safety features need to accurately see through the windscreen glass to work effectively and if a sub standard non genuine ADAS Camera replacement screen is fitted to your Volvo then you may disable the safety systems and void your warranty.

It is recommended to repair front screen damage where ever possible to maintain the originality of the fitted safety systems, so if your ADAS Camera Screen has been condemned by your insurers screen company then contact Glass Doctors for a second opinion as we could save you more than just the cost of a new screen!

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