Why you should get your cracked windscreen repair booked as soon as possible.

Leaving a cracked windscreen repair untreated nowadays is simply not an option!

Since we are talking about a “crack” we probably mean screen damage that is smaller than a £1 coin. Anything bigger than that and it may not be possible to repair it.

However, we mat still be able to repair a crack on a windscreen up to the size of a credit card so please use our handy form to send us a photo.

Glass Doctors will come to your home or work to repair your cracked windscreen. So why wait?…

A cracked windscreen should be repaired as soon as possible.

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Cracked windscreen repair

Top 10 reasons to have your cracked windscreen repair done now.

  1. It prevents a chipped windscreen from developing into a more dangerous cracked windscreen.
  2. Ensure your view of the road is not impaired and that the driver line of vision is always perfect. It keeps your windscreen wipers working effectively and allows you to see clearly through the screen.
  3. Save time and money. Keep repair costs to a minimum and prevent an insurance excess claim.
  4. It will stop a claim being added to your insurance record.
  5. No waiting for a new screen to set. We can typically carry out the windscreen repair in 30 minutes.
  6. Prevents the possibility of leaks from a new faulty or badly fitted windscreen.
  7. Stops water freezing in the chip overnight which will often escalate the problem further.
  8. Prevents contamination of the chip.
  9. Keeps the original factory screen in place.
  10. Prevents fake copy parts being fitted.

The ultimate windscreen fix. Over 85% of cracked windscreens repaired in under 30 mins.

If the damaged area on your windscreen can be covered by a £1 coin, there’s a very good chance that we can repair it for you.

Also, the job is done in 30 minutes or less, so you can just drive away as soon as we are finished. You may like to send us a photo of your windscreen damage so that we can advise.

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Windscreen Stone Chip Repair. Why choose us? Expert technicians with unique technology.

The Ultimate Tools for Damaged Windscreen Repairs.

Many of the tools and equipment used by Glass Doctors to carry out cracked windscreen repair are specially imported or we make it to our own spec so our scope is better. This means we can repair a wider range of vehicles than other companies.

No one else has kit as advanced as ours anywhere. It is unique to Glass Doctors and ensures that you get the best possible repair first time.

Quality Training

Many windscreen replacement companies train their fitters in an afternoon and then let them loose on your car.

Glass Doctors would train their technicians for at least 1 month of on the job training before they are allowed out hence our quality is much better.

All of our current operators have a minimum of 6 years of experience so you know you will get the best possible result from an experienced professional and not a school leaver.

Windscreen Chip repair and crack repair – Our Guarantee

If our glass repair fails within a year due to cracking we will refund your money within 7 days. Last year we had only one windscreen crack out of the many thousands of repairs we carried out.

Trust Glass Doctors to get your cracked windscreen repair done properly.

There is lots of talk about certain damage being “illegal to repair” this is often just a sales ploy by windscreen companies to up sell you to a new screen once they have sold you on the idea of a windscreen repair and then they will find a plausible excuse to tell you why your cracked windscreen repair can’t be done.

Always get a second option and you will see that our testimonials section is full of real people who we saved from being conned in this way who were grateful that we could save their screen for them. 

What we can’t do:

  1. Cracks over 6”
  2. Line cracks in the driver’s vision.
  3. Badly contaminated milky or dirty old damage 
  4. Cracks through both sides of the glass at the point of impact. Don’t let windscreen chips and cracks get any worse or let it result in a failed MOT.

So call us today on 03719 101010.

What our customers are saying...

Very happy with the repair, after 2 failed appointments with *********. I’d recommend Glass Doctors for a repair"


"You are incredible! Thank you SO much"

Miss Z.F.

"Professional and friendly approach, it was a superb service all round. Highly recommended."

Mr S.M.

"First Class Service! I now know who to call the next time I need a quality repair undertaking."

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"He was with me by the next morning and did an amazing job. Fast, friendly and reliable service with great results. Couldn’t ask for much more, thanks."

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