Windscreen Scratch Repair

If you have cleaning scratches, wiper scratches, graffiti scratches, ice scraper scratches on your shop window, windscreen, side glasses or heated rear windscreen scratches caused by faulty windscreen wiper blades, ice scrapers, accidents or vandalism, then Glass Doctors can fix it using the windscreen scratch repair process.

We can fix micro-scratches and deep scratches and get your glass repaired so that it looks as good as new. 

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This is how to do Windscreen Scratch Repair and remove scratches from glass

The Windscreen scratch repair process:

  • Assess the damaged area carefully for the best method of treatment.
  • On deeper damage, it may have to be ground out first, and while the damage is shallow the glass can just be polished.
  • The next step is to mark and clean the working area so it can be easily seen.
  • Remove the scratch from the glass using a specially controlled grinding process.
  • The ground area is carefully repolished to progressively finer grades.
  • All traces of grinding are removed from the glass using another specialist polish.
  • The result is glass in “as-good-as-new condition.”
  • Not suitable for scratches on the inside of a windscreen.

Glass Doctors can clear up most of your scratch polishing problems.

  • All windscreens and windshields can be repaired.
  • Flat glass is also a speciality of ours.
  • Curved windows are not a problem.
  • Side windows can often be marked by branches along the country lanes.
  • Heated rear windows can also be easily repaired.
  • We are specialists in working on high value and vintage cars just as much as family saloons.

We really know how to remove scratches on glass so it doesn’t matter what make, model or year your vehicle is. Glass Doctors can repair your screen if it is either laminated or toughened.

The Scratch Removal Process keeps the vehicle ORIGINAL because we don’t change the screen. Finally, it can also save you money and prevent the devaluation of your vehicle due to scratches.

The typical cost of scratch removal on vehicles is £120 for side glasses and £120 – £250 per arc on windscreens and rear windows.

We carry out wiper scratch polishing, wiper arc polishing, wiper scratch repair and all types of windscreen and windshield repairs.


Glass Doctors will repair your windscreen scratch properly


windscreen scratch repair
windscreen scratch repair

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