UK windscreen chip repair experts for 30 years

Back in 1988 chipped windscreen repair was virtually unheard of!

The founders of Glass Doctors were the pioneers in bringing this technology from the USA. This means we have the unrivalled experience to get a great looking repair on your chipped windscreen.

Once repaired, the chip should be barely visible and no more intrusive than a dried up rain spot, provided you catch it early enough.

Windscreen Chip Repair
Windscreen Chip Repair

Top 5 reasons to repair a chipped windscreen

  1. Restore the strength back to the windscreen.
  2. Reduce the annoying distraction of the chip.
  3. Glass repair costs much less than the cost of a replacement.
  4. Save time, be back on the road in 30mins, compared with waiting hours for a new windscreen to set.
  5. To pass an MOT test.

Previously most drivers dealt with their windscreen chip repair by contacting their insurance company. Of course, insurance includes cover for glass damage. In the last few years however, the cost of the insurance excess has risen sharply and so many people are choosing to abandon the insurance route and opt to pay for the windscreen chip repair themselves. The advantages are enormous:

  • A faster repair (some insurance nominated repairers are booked up for weeks in advance).
  • A higher quality of windscreen repair (a specialist windscreen repairer will be able to get a better-looking repair than a windscreen fitter who just occasionally dabbles in such repairs).
  • A cheaper repair (many insurance companies nominated repairers will be charging over £100 for a windscreen chip repair and even the excess can be £75-£100).
  • It will not affect your no-claims bonus which is always worth protecting (you can easily have £500-£1000 claim added to your insurance claims history for risking being upsold a new windscreen that will also affect your future premiums).
  • You will have to declare any insurance work as a “claim” when seeking a quote with another insurance company and remember the details of date and costs. (this is held by the MID database and can be referred to to catch you out and accuse you of fraud if you forget )
  • Reduced risk of being sold an expensive new windscreen by being told the windscreen chip cannot be repaired for a variety of dubious reasons.

We can repair approximately 95% of chipped windscreens for only £60+ vat.

If the damaged area on your car windscreen is relatively small the chances are that we can repair it for you. The best way to test this is to see if the damage can be covered by a £1 coin. If it can then give us a call. If it is larger than this you will need a replacement windscreen.

No need to answer endless intrusive questions because we make it easy for you.

Our small chip repair service will be carried out in 30 minutes or less, and you can drive away as soon as we are finished.

Windscreen Chip Repair by the UK experts: Call Today 03719 101010.

Glass Doctors come to you at your home or office to repair your chipped windscreen.
  • This saves you time. You can be doing something better whilst we get on with the job of fixing your chip.
  • Pay by Credit Card, Cash or cheque on the job, so our service is very convenient.
  • You can also send us a photo of your damaged windscreen to make sure it can be repaired.
  • Speak to the actual technician that will do your job, not someone in a call centre.
You really only get one chance to get a chipped windscreen repair done properly.

This kind of repair can only be attempted once so it is important that it is done right first time. We only repair windscreens so you know you will get the best possible job.

Don’t trust a company that also fits car windscreens as it is not in their interests to do the best possible repair.

What our customers are saying...

Very happy with the repair, after 2 failed appointments with *********. I’d recommend Glass Doctors for a repair"


"You are incredible! Thank you SO much"

Miss Z.F.

"Professional and friendly approach, it was a superb service all round. Highly recommended."

Mr S.M.

"First Class Service! I now know who to call the next time I need a quality repair undertaking."

Mr J.S.

"He was with me by the next morning and did an amazing job. Fast, friendly and reliable service with great results. Couldn’t ask for much more, thanks."

Mr G.B.